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LiFE10 Electrolyte Water is naturally alkaline water bottled directly at the source, freer from pollutants. Its spring water originally from Ice Age glaciers—not from tap or a municipal source. It’s neither enhanced nor modified and maintains a consistent pH 7.8- 8.1.

Naturally alkaline water provides the body with 5 major essential electrolytes necessary to the body’s function—Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Chloride, and Sodium.

LiFE10 goes beyond thirst quenching. Its all about keeping the body healthy, boosting the immune system, stabilizing blood sugar, and promoting strong muscle and organ function.

Start drinking LiFE10 today and begin your healthy #LiFE10Style journey now.

LiFE10 Electrolyte is committed to a sound ecosystem and bettering our earth. All bottles are BPA free and are recyclable. 

Give Your Body What It Needs

LiFE10 Electrolyte Naturally Alkaline water. PH Balance 7.8 to 8.1 with 5 essential minerals the body needs to function in a healthy alkaline state.

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